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Oceansense Productions is based in South Africa and was founded by husband and wife team, Russell and Cindy Campbell, in 2003. Oceansense Production’s passion and devotion to wildlife filming and photography, both underwater and on land is inspired by our planet’s natural wonders. Our mission is to capture and bring you the beauty of our oceans and land with unforgettable imagery.

Oceansense Productions has 2 RED Epic Dragon Digital Cinema Cameras and an Arri Alexa Mini which form part of our rental system through RED ONE AFRICA. The RED Digital Cinema Cameras are taking the film and video industry by storm. At a resolution of 6K for the Epic Dragon and 4K for the Alexa Mini, these cameras are the future of cinematography.

This allows us to cater for theatrical, broadcast and commercial filming needs with special emphasis on underwater filming. Oceansense is also committed to filming for environmental initiatives and projects as part our contribution to conservation of our natural world.