Oceansense Productions is born out of a collaboration between professional underwater and topside camera operators, photographers, editors and designers, all using their individual talents combined to offer unparalleled service. The company’s relationship with its associates allows for the sharing of information and ideas to further benefit our products. Whether you are looking for compelling wildlife or underwater footage, photographic imagery or design please contact us to discuss your production needs.


Oceansense Productions specializes in filming and producing promotional films for the Hotel, Resort, Safari Lodge and Spa industries. We also offer Corporate filming for training events, conferences and seminars. We will produce, direct, film and assist you in visualizing your ideas and realizing your marketing goals.

Our proposal is to move away from traditional marketing tools in the form of print media and explore the new possibilities of marketing using dynamic moving images. Film is able to portray the identity, mood and essence of your resort, lodge, spa or company in a far more distinctive way than the static photographs of brochures and slideshows.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will be able to tailor a distinctive and professional marketing product to match your brief and budget.

Filming is done with high end professional cameras and lighting gear. Our REDDigital Cinema cameras are capable of producing unsurpassed images at 4 to 6 times the resolution of any High Definition camera. Each frame captured is equivalent to a photo taken by a professional digital SLR camera. This essentially means that your promotional film shoot is simultaneously a professional photo shoot giving you access to thousands of high quality images for your print and web marketing needs.


If you are looking for talented, dedicated and knowledgeable camera operators for your productions, whether it is on land or underwater, we will be happy to offer our expertise.


Oceansense Productions offers rental services on the following:

RED Epic Digital Cinema Cameras and accessories (see details on the Rental page)

RED One Mysterium-X Digital Cinema Camera and accessories (see details on the Rental page)